Jincai Wu

Ph.D., Professor


Jincai Wu received his Ph.D. degree in the field of molecular catalysis from the Lanzhou University in 2003. He did postdoctoral research on ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters in the group of Prof. Chu-Chieh Lin in department of chemistry of national chung hsing university from 2003-2005. After second postdoctoral research on electron donor-acceptor complexes in the group of Silvio Decurtins in Bern University in Switzerland (2006-2007), he returned to lanzhou university and promoted to professor at 2011. His current research interests include the coordination chemistry of main group metals and their use in catalysis for polymer materials and organic chemicals, supramolecular chemistry, and Borane Chemistry. Postdoctoral position .

Representative Publications

1. ppm-Level Thermally Switchable Yttrium Phenoxide Catalysts for Moisture-Insensitive and Controllably Immortal Polymerization of rac-Lactide, Changjuan Chen, Zhiyong Bai, Yaqin Cui, Yong Cong, Xiaobo Pan, and Jincai Wu*, Macromolecules  2018, 51, 6800-6809. 

2. Alternating Sequence Controlled Copolymer Synthesis of α-Hydroxy Acids via Syndioselective Ring-Opening Polymerization of O-Carboxyanhydrides Using Zirconium/Hafnium Alkoxide Initiators,Yangyang Sun, Zhaowei Jia,Changjuan Chen, Yong Cong, Xiaoyang Mao, Jincai Wu*, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139 10723-10732.

3. Suppressing Cyclic Polymerization for Isoselective Synthesis of High-Molecular-Weight Linear Polylactide Catalyzed by Sodium/Potassium Sulfonamidate Complexes, Changjuan Chen, Cui Yaqing, Xiaoyang Mao, Xiaobo Pan, Jincai Wu*, Macromolecules, 2017, 50,: 83-96.

4. Photoswitchable ring-opening polymerization of lactide catalyzed by azobenzene-based thiourea, Chem.Commun. 2016, 52, 8826-8829.

5. Alkali-Metal Monophenolates with a Sandwich-Type Catalytic Center as Catalysts for Highly Isoselective Polymerization of rac-LactideZhongran Dai, Yangyang Sun, Jiao Xiong, Xiaobo Pan, and Jincai Wu*ACS Macro Lett. 2015, 4, 556-560.

6. Stepwise Reduction of 9,10-Bis(dimesitylboryl)anthracene, Yang Zheng, Jiao Xiong, Yangyang Sun, Xiaobo Pan,* and Jincai Wu*Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 127, 13125 –13128.


Room 806, the Second Chemistry Building



E-mail: wujc@lzu.edu.cn


19941998Lanzhou UniversityB.S.

19982003Lanzhou UniversityPh.D.