Cheng-Shan Yuan

Ph.D., Associate Professor


Cheng-Shan Yuan received a B.S. degree from Lanzhou University in 1998. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2003 at Lanzhou University, under the supervision of Prof. Zhong-Jian Jia. His doctoral research focused on the discovery of bioactive natural products from plants of the genus of Pedicularis. From 2013 to 2018, he worked with Prof. Changsheng Zhang as a post-doctoral fellow at South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to study the biosynthesis of marine natural products. Currently, he works as an associate professor in Lanzhou University, and his research interests include discovery, biosynthesis, and structural diversification of plants and microbial natural Products.

Representative Publications

1.       Fang F.-H., Huang W.-J.,  Zhou S.-Y., Han Z.-Z., Li M.-Y., Liu L.-F., Wu X.-Z., Yao X.-J., Li Y. *, Yuan C.-S. *, Aphapolins A and B: Two Nemoralisin Diterpenoids Isolated from Aphanamixis polystachya (Wall.) R. Parker, Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2017, 2017, 4429-4433.

2.       Huang, H.-L.; Qi, F.-M.; Yuan, J.-C.; Zhao, C.-G.; Yang, J.-W.; Fang, F.-H.; Wu, Q.-X.; Gao, K.; Yuan, C.-S.*, Labdane-type diterpenoids from Croton laevigatus, RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 39530-39540.

3.       Pu, L.-P.; Chen, H.-P.; Cao, M.-A.; Zhang, X.-L.; Gao, Q.-X.; Yuan, C.-S.*; Wang, C.-M.*, The antiangiogenic activity of Kushecarpin D, a novel flavonoid isolated from Sophora flavescens Ait. Life Sci., 2013, 93, 791-797.

4.       Huang, H.-L.; Wang, C.-M.; Wang, Z.-H.; Yao, M.-J.; Han, G.-T.; Yuan, J.-C.; Gao, K.*; Yuan, C.-S.*, Tirucallane-Type Triterpenoids from Dysoxylum lenticellatum, J. Nat. Prod., 2011, 74, 2235-2242.

5.       Huang, H.-L.; Xu, Y.-J.; Liu, H.-L.; Liu, X.-Q.; Shang, J.-N.; Han, G.-T.; Yao, M.-J.; Yuan, C.-S.*, Eremophilane-type sesquiterpene lactones from Ligularia hodgsonii Hook, Phytochemistry, 2011, 72, 514-517.

6.       Xu, Y.-J; Sun, S.-B.; Sun, L.-M.; Qiu, D.-F.; Liu, X.-J.; Jiang, Z.-B.; Yuan, C.-S.*, Quinic acid esters and sesquiterpenes from Sonchus arvensis, Food Chem. 2008, 111, 92-97.



Room 3039, the First Chemistry Building




19941998, Lanzhou UniversityB. Sc

19982003, Lanzhou University (Tutor: Prof. Zhong-Jian Jia), D. Sc

20132018South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, (Tutor: Prof. Changsheng Zhang)Post-doctoral

2003-Date      College of chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou UniversityState Key Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry, Associate Professor