Ziqiu Chen

Associate Professor


High resolution (rotationally-resolved) molecular spectroscopy provide unambiguous and detailed information to characterize molecular potential energy surfaces. Dr. Chen's research interests lie in understanding the intramolecular dynamics at quantum mechanical level using high-resolution spectroscopy in the gas-phase. His current research aims at laboratory spectroscopic characterization in the THz region of molecules of astronomical and atmospheric interest to support observation missions. At present, the group has active research projects at synchrotron facilities worldwide including the Swiss Light Source (SLS) and the Canadian Light Source (CLS) and is in collaboration with laborotories within China and overseas. 


ResearcherID: D-3553-2017 

Representative Publications

1. (Authors arranged in alphabetical order) S. Albert, Z. Chen,  K. Keppler, Ph. Lerch, M. Quack, * V. Schurigd and O. Trapp (2018), "The Gigahertz and Terahertz spectrum of monodeutero-oxirane (c-C2H3DO)", Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys., in press, DOI: 10.1039/c8cp05311a 

2. (Authors arranged in alphabetical order) S. Albert, I. Bolotova, Z. Chen, C. Fábri, M. Quack*, G. Seyfang and D. Zindel (2017), “High-resolution FTIR spectroscopy of trisulfane HSSSH: A candidate for detecting parity violation in chiral molecules”, Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys.,19, 11738-11743 (2017 PCCP HOT Articles).

3. (Authors arranged in alphabetical order) S. Albert, F. Arn, I. Bolotova, Z. Chen, C. Fábri, G. Grassi, Ph. Lerch, M. Quack*, G. Seyfang, A. Wokaun and D. Zindel (2016) “Synchrotron-based highest resolution THz spectroscopy of the ν24 band system of 1,2-dithiine (C4H4S2): A candidate for measuring the parity violating energy difference between enantiomers of chiral molecules”, J.Phys.Chem.Lett., 7, 3847-3853.

4. Z. Chen and J. van Wijngaarden* (2013)“Synchrotron-based far infrared study of the rotation- vibration-inversion spectrum of silacyclobutane below 500 cm-1: The ν29 and ν30 bands”, J. Chem. Phys., 139, 244305.

5. Z. Chen and J. van Wijngaarden* (2012) “Synchrotron-based far infrared spectroscopic investigation and ab initio calculations of 3-oxetanone: Observation and analysis of the ν7 band and the Coriolis coupled ν16 and ν20 bands”, J. Phys. Chem. A., 116, 9490-9496.


Rm 3008, 1st Chemistry Building





B.Sc. Hons. Free State, 2007;

Ph.D Manitoba, 2013;

Postdoc ETH Zurich 2013-2017.