Jianfeng Wu

Young Researcher (Professor)


Jian-Feng Wu received his B.S. and Ph. D. degrees from Chemistry and Chemical Department, Lanzhou University in 2008.6 and 2014.6, respectively. He entered into Prof. Wei Wang’s research group and focused on mechanistic study on methane activation and conversion by solid-state NMR during his doctoral research. The main research contents are identification of surface species, study the activity of surface species, and design new reactions based on the activity of surface species. Following that, he worked in Prof. Bala Subramaniam’s research group between 2014.7 and 2017.8 as Postdoctoral Researcher. During this time, he focused on olefin metathesis reaction by fixed-bed reactor and studied the relationship of catalytic performance and active sites during his postdoctoral research. After his postdoctoral research period, Jian-Feng Wu became a Young Researcher (Professor) in 2017.9 in Lanzhou University.


Current research interests include:

1)    C1 chemistry (methane activation and conversion, CO2 activation and conversion);

2)    Investigate the reaction mechanism under heterogeneous system;

3)    Evaluation the performance of heterogeneous catalysts.

Representative Publications

(1) Wu, J.-F.; Ramanathan, A.; Biancardi, A.; Jystad, A. M.; Caricato, M.; Hu, Y.; Subramaniam, B., ACS Catal. 2018, 10437-10445. (Cover art)

(2) Wu, J.-F.1; Ramanathan, A.1; Subramaniam, B. J. Catal. 2017, 350, 182. (1contribute equally)

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Room 914, 2nd Chemistry Building





20042008Lanzhou UniversityB.S.

20082014Lanzhou UniversityPh.D.

20142017University of Kansas, Postdoc.