Jihua Zhao

Associate Professor


Jihua Zhao received B.S. and M.S degree from Central South University of Technology in 1993 and 1996, respectively. She then joined Prof. Qiyuan Chen’s group in Central South University and worked on the improvement in aluminium hydroxide precipitation of Bayer Process under ultrasound. She got her Ph.D. degree in 2001. She transferred to Lanzhou University and worked on synthesis of nanoparticles in microemulsion medium and the structure of microemulsion under the guidance of Prof. Weiguo Shen from 2001 to 2003. Then she became an associate professor of chemistry at Lanzhou University in 2004. Her current research interests include Colloid Chemistry and thermodynamic Chemistry.

Representative Publications

1. Jihua Zhao *, Pengwei Yue, Simon Tricard, Tong Pang, Yan Yang, Jian Fang *. Prussian blue (PB)/carbon nanopolyhedra/polypyrrole composite as electrode: a high performance sensor to detect hydrazine with long linear range, Sensors and Actuators B, 2017,251: 706–712.

2. Lei Wang, Simon Tricard, Linghua Cao, Yanling Liang, Jihua Zhao*, Jian Fang*,Weiguo Shen. Polypyrrole and graphenequantumdots @ Prussian Blue hybrid film on graphite felt electrodes: Application for amperometric determination of  L-cysteine, Biosensors and Bioelectronics,2016,77:1112

3. Qianqian Wang, Ning Wang, Sifa He, ihua Zhao*, Jian Fang*, Weiguo Shen. Novel method of synthesis of Prussian blue analogues —Room temperature ionic liquid method and its application in catalytic epoxidation of styrene , Dalton Trans., 2015, 44, 12878.

4. Lijuan Han, Simon Tricard, Jian Fang, Jihua Zhao*, Weiguo Shen. Prussian blue at platinum nanoparticles/graphite felt nanocomposite electrodes: Application as hydrogen peroxide sensor. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2013,43,120.


Room 907, the Second Chemistry Building





19891993Central South University of TechnologyB.S.

19931996Central South University of TechnologyM.S.

19962001Central South University, Ph.D.

20012003,  Lanzhou University, Postdoctor.