Renewing Friendship, Recalling the Past and Looking Forward to the Future

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Renewing Friendship, Recalling the Past and Looking Forward to the Future

—— The Second Concentrated Back-to-School Activity of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


In the golden autumn season, we are about to celebrate the 110th  birthday of Lanzhou University. On August 17, when the second concentrated back-to-school activity, the campus was full of people and joy. In front of the Jishi Hall, there were cheers and laughter, and the Yuxiu Lake was full of passion and joy. Nearly 100 alumni of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering School have returned to their alma mater from all over the country to witness history, share friendship, recall the past and look forward to the future with the teachers and students of the university.


Return to School and Check-in

The more you sail, the younger you will be. On the afternoon of August 17, the school's unified check-in day was arranged. School staff and volunteers came to the designated check-in early. About 90 alumni returned to school. Among them, 23 alumni of 55, 25 alumni of 75 and 24 alumni of 05 came back to school collectively.

1.png Check-in


After registration, they came to the signature wall to sign and take photos under the guidance of the staff and volunteers of the school.



Sign and Take Pictures on the Signature Wall


That afternoon, alumni toured the campus, feeling the tremendous changes in schools and the university.


Collective Wedding Ceremony

On the morning of August 18th, the university organized a group wedding for 110 alumni "new couples". It is reported that fourteen new couples in our school participated in the ceremony. Alumni couples sent the most sincere and best wishes for the 110th anniversary of the university and the development of the college with the romantic group wedding.



Renewing Friendship and Pursuing Development

After the end of the collective wedding ceremony, 55, 75, 05 class alumni and non collective returning alumni reunion school and had an informal discussion respectively at the old chemistry building 1018, the new chemistry building 201, 309 and the alumni activity room. They talked about the friendship between teachers and students, pursue the development of the college. Dean of the college Liang Yongmin, vice president Zhang Haixia and Hui Xinping, and vice secretary of the Party committee, Jia Jing respectively attended the forum.

During the discussion, participants watched the college promotional film. Alumni were pleased with the rapid development of the college, and share with their teachers their learning, work and life after leaving school. They said that their school career had laid a solid foundation for their career and life, and was a valuable asset in their lives, which is benefited from the teacher's earnest teachings and the careful cultivation of their alma mater. In the exchanges between alumni, leaders and teachers, alumni expressed their deep gratitude to teachers and their deep attachment to the university.



Dean Liang Yongmin presided over a symposium on alumni returning to school at 1018 in old chemistry building



Zhang Haixia, vice president, presided over a symposium on non collective return to school alumni in the alumni activity room of the second chemistry building.



Deputy Secretary Jia Jing presided over the class 05 alumni symposium at 309 in new chemistry building



Hui Xinping, vice president, presided over the discussion for 75 class alumni in 201 of the new chemistry building.

After the symposium, the alumni and their party visited the Academy History Hall and sent messages to the development of the Academy.


Visiting the History Museum of the Academy


Sending Messages for the Development of the College


Finally, the leaders, all the returning school alumni and teachers took a photo to mark the occasion in front of the new chemistry building.



Taking a group photo as a souvenir


With the strong support of all teachers and students and the active participation of student volunteers, this return activity has achieved great success. Through this activity, the chemical forces of Lanzhou University have been further condensed and the links between alumni and the college have been strengthened.

 After the activity, the alumni from all corners of the country will go all over the country and continue to write new brilliance belonging to the people of      Chemistry School of Lanzhou University.