Professor Omar M. Yaghi Visited Lanzhou University

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Professor Omar M. Yaghi Visited Lanzhou University and Lectured for “Centurial Lanzhou University, Renown Celebrity Lectures”

Omar M. Yaghi, professor from University of California, Berkeley and director for the Material Science Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, gave the 167th lecture for “Centurial Lanzhou University, Renown Celebrity Lectures” in Lanzhou University for the invitation from LZU. The schoolmaster Chunhua Yan met professor Yaghi at the VIP room of the Student Activity Center in Chengguan Campus at 10:00 a.m., April 22.

Professor Yaghi began his lecture themed as “MOFs for Harvesting Water from Desert Air” at 10:30 at the school auditorium of the Student Activity Center. The event was hosted by Mr. Yan. In the beginning, professor Yaghi extended his sincere congratulations for the 110th anniversary of Lanzhou University. Then under the guidance of Reticular Chemistry, he revealed the current development and problems of crystalline porous materials. The content of his speech ranged from the origin, structural design and controllable preparation of MOFs materials to the exploration for practical applications of this kind of materials on reducing the global emission of CO2. Professor Yaghi pointed out that by only relying on the solar power, the MOFs materials they have designed could harvest purified water from the air of a desert. This amazing solar water fountain brings hope for solving the problem of drinking water shortage in arid regions, and it can even collect moisture in the desert. 


When the lecture came to an end, the staff and students present asked questions eagerly and professor Yaghi gave his explanations patiently. The hall enjoyed a warm atmosphere.