The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Held a Welcoming Ceremony for

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The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Held a Welcoming Ceremony for the Undergraduates of Class 2019


At the evening of September 22, 2019, the Welcoming Ceremony for the Undergraduates of Class 2019 of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was held  in Room.C302, Tianshan Hall, Yuzhong Campus of LZU. Presided over by Jia Jing, deputy Secretary of party Committee of the College, the ceremony was attended by all members of the party Committee and administrative department of the College, heads of the Laboratory, representatives of the faculty, headteachers, deputy headteachers, counselors, members of the standing committee of the Youth League, presidents of student union and freshmen of Class 2019.


With a sweet video announcing the opening of the ceremony, the promotional video of the College introduced the time-honored history and brilliant achievements of the chemistry discipline of LZU.


At the beginning of the ceremony, vice dean Tang Yu, gave a detailed introduction about the College’s general situation and the rich heritage of chemistry discipline from the perspectives of historical development, institution structuring, discipline construction, scientific payoffs, cooperation and exchange, talent training and conditions of college operation.


Then, deputy secretary Jia Jing read out the appointment documents of the new headteachers and deputy headteachers of Class 2019. Secretary Zhang Haibo and dean Liang Yongmin presented the appointment letters to 9 headteachers, and vide dean Zhang Haixia, Tang Yu, Hui Xinping and Li Bin presented the appointment letters to the deputy headteachers.


On behalf of the headteachers, Huo Xing, associate professor of Institute of Applied Chemistry, expressed the headteachers and deputy headteachers’ ardent expectation for all the freshmen and emphasized that the students should have the good qualities of gratitude and kindness, unity and obedience, and independence and strength. He said:“Everyone has eyes but not necessarily vision, everyone has a brain but not necessarily wisdom.” He wished every student could become a person with goals and pursuit.

On behalf of the faculty, juniorprofessor Ding Sanyuan, based on his own experience, made several suggestions for the students’ college life. He wished everyone could be a person with knowledge and ability, keep studying and do all their best to get the best result, with clear goal, right direction, persistence and perseverance.


On behalf of the undergraduates, Qian Kailong, student of Class 1 of 2016 Chemical Base, wished the freshmen could have correct "three-views", namely view on world, view on life and view of value, be sound in body and mind and lay a solid foundation for the coming 4 years in the fresh year. He also emphasized the importance of English, office skills and Mathematics in college life.

On behalf of the freshmen of Class 2019, Huang Xiaodi expressed their aspiration for the future and love for LZU, demonstrating the unique LZU spirit of “Constantly strive to become stronger, flying your own color”.

At the end of the ceremony, we reviewed the sweet scenes in freshmen military training through video and pictures and welcomed the closure accompanied by the song sung when they won the Freshmen Military Training Chorus Competition.

We believed that all freshmen of Class 2019 could uphold the school motto of “Constantly strive to become stronger, flying your own color”, aim high and, under the guidance of the academy motto of “solidarity, diligence, truth seeking and innovation”, write a splendid chapter of life by taking LZU as a new starting point.