Students of LZU Won the Outstanding Winner in the National Finals of the 1st National Chemistry Experiment Innovation and Design Competition for College Students

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From October 11 to 13, the national finals of the 1st National Chemistry Experiment Innovation and Design Competition for College Students, sponsored by Teaching Committee of Chemistry in Institutions of Higher Education of Ministry of Education, co-sponsored by National Demonstration Center for Experimental Education, was held in Nanjing University. The Fire-Stealer Team, formed by Tian Enlin, Wu Ningran and Zhao Chuangyuan, won the Outstanding Winner with their innovative experiment design Preparation for Nanoscale Semiconductor Composites and Photocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Organic Matters, made under the guidance of Professor Jing Huanwang and Senior Experimentalist Shen Yongwen. Based on the research work of Professor Jing Huanwang's research group, the entry of the team of LZU has been developed into an innovative comprehensive chemistry experiment for undergraduates through improvement.

This Chemistry Experiment Innovation and Design Competition was divided into three classesinnovative experimental design, improved experimental design and popular-science experimental design. And all the experimental innovation designs should meet the requirements of experiment teaching for undergraduates and science popularization. By adopting anonymous evaluation system, the final score of the Competition was made of two parts: the score of the design ( accounting for 60%) and the score of the defense ( accounting for 40%).  With a total of 87 teams participating in the competition, 10 Outstanding Winners, 20 First Prizes and 35 Second Prizes were awarded to the teams. After two rounds of fierce defenses, the team of LZU won the National Outstanding Winner. At this competition, it was confirmed that Lanzhou University will hold the finals of Northwest China Division of the 2nd National Chemistry Experiment Innovation and Design Competition for College Students in 2021.