【Teachers and Students at the Front of the Battle Against COVID-19】 Taking Commanding at the Front to Combat the Epidemic and Having in Mind an Overall Picture to Seek Development

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In the battle against COVID-19, the Party Committee of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou University, resolutely implemented the arrangement made by higher authorities, paid equal attention to epidemic prevention and control and cause development and gave full play to the role of the party organizations at the primary level as fighting forts.

1. Online Interviewing

In the new era, the Party Committee of the College is always responsible for tackling new challenges and building a high-level innovative talent base with high quality and high standard. Although we had no choice but to postpone the new semester, due to the epidemic, we could by no means postpone talent introduction and college development. The Party Committee of the College took advantage of the idle time during epidemic prevention and control to find out the demand gap, know the supply situation in real time and scale up talent introduction.

The College actively changed the traditional talent introductionmode into “Internet Plus Introduction” and realized an open, fair and secure process of online interviewing, from recruitment information releasing,resume screening to follow-up docking, interviewees picking-out and the final devices debugging, hard and soft. At present, the College has reached preliminary agreements with five high-level talents, at home and abroad, which would inject a fresh strong force into the construction of first-class disciplines.


Online Interviewing

2. Student Cultivating

Targeted Assistance and Care

The Party Committee of the College required all the counselors to sort out the epidemic prevention information of all 1,897 students in the College, make contact with each and every one of them, start WeChat group chats amongcollege leaders, Hubei students and their tutors, improve the epidemic prevention information database for students and pay close attention to the current situation of each student in real time. We sent the “Report to All Hubei Students”to all students from Hubei Province, conducted researches on current states of students, customized assistance programs for students living in medium-high risk areas, family financial difficulties, psychological crisis and other hidden dangers, and gave financial aid to 48 students whose families were hit by the epidemic, with a total amount of 42,200 yuan. For the unemployed students, the College Party Committee members provided one-on-one targeted assistance and, by making full of our rich alumni resources, employment information to them.

By now, 875 graduate students of the College had returned to school, accounting for 92.5% of the total number of graduates; and also 414 juniors and seniors, accounting for 95.4% of the total number of undergraduates. All the students who had returned to school have been fully engaged in normal scientific research and study under the protection of the all-round prevention system, showing the diligent and enterprising spirit of the College’s students.

Teaching Quality Maintaining

Under the guidance of the Party Committee of the College, all teaching and research departments implemented the spirit of “suspending classes without suspending teaching and learning”and organized teachers to carry out online teaching activities with 178 courses offered. Among these courses, 88 courses on theories were given by livestreaming, taperecording and other means onteaching platforms such as Super Star, Wisdom Tree, applications such as Tencent Conference and Ding Talk and online teaching resources such as MOOC. And also, 90 courses on experiments were given through virtual simulation experiment teaching projects on the National Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Central Platform.

With the upcoming class resuming of juniors, Party Committee of the College organized teaching faculty to discuss and make teaching plans and laboratory teaching plans, to ensure the organic cooperation between online and offline teaching. During the battle against epidemic, the College maintained scheduled teaching contents, progress and quality.


Teachers and students returning school are taking temperature and registering in order.

Protection Providing

The College set up an epidemic prevention and control task group, with the party secretary and the dean of our College serving as group leaders, establish an all-round joint prevention and control working mechanism, developedseveral management systems, including “Measures for Management and Use of Laboratory of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering During the Period of Resumption of Work and Production”and “Measures for Students Management of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering During the Epidemic Prevention and Control”, covering aspects of teaching, scientific research, student management, emergency response.

By strictly following LZU’s requirements, the College restricted the number of people coming-in and going-out each time, limited the use frequency of elevators, set up all time duty post in the laboratory building, trained epidemic prevention technology to all personnel of Property Management Department on duty, documented realnames peoplecoming-in and going-out and took their temperature every day, sterilized four times each day in the public area and publicized epidemic prevention knowledge on the public electronic screen. Meanwhile, the College collected and reserved epidemic prevention materials, distributed protective suits, masks, disinfectants and other materials for staff working at the front and set up temporary quarantines within the College.

The College establishedancontact mechanism, enabling all primary level organizations to get in touch with teachers and students of the College, implemented a grid model for party building, gave priority to the pioneering role of party branch secretaries in serving and connecting with the public, carried out responsibility assignment system, improved the channels for information collection and reporting, and established a "zero-report" system to ensure smooth flow of information. At the same time, to strengthen the guard against COVID-19, leaders of the group, liaisons, members of primary level teaching and research organizations and party secretaries of all party branches were required to be on duty all day. With all these efforts mentioned above, a scientific and efficient safety barrier was built for all teachers and students.

The Party Committee of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering bore the primary responsibility, implemented prevention and control measures, took the lead in the battle against the epidemicand took the whole situation into account in seeking development. In the battle against the epidemic, the Party Committee of the College, a strong guarantee for the development of the College, took its mission and responsibility as a party committee at the primary level and played its role as the “guide” and “backbone” of all teachers and students.


Teachers in the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Chemistry are preparing lessons and doing preparatory experiments together.