Academic Frontier Lecture Series of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering ——Academician Tu Yongqiang

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On October 22, 2020, our college invited Academician Tu Yongqiang to give a lecture on the frontiers of modern chemistry with the theme of "My Research Experience: From Pina Rearrangement to Total Synthesis of Natural Products" at Tianshan Hall B604. The lecture was hosted by Professor Zhang Haoli and more than 200 undergraduates from the 2018 grade attended.


At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Zhang Haoli extended a warm welcome to Academician Tu Yongqiang, and gave a brief introduction to his scientific research experience. Academician Tu Yongqiang started with his interesting experience in the research, which aroused the students' curiosity about the rich content of the lecture. First of all, Academician Tu introduced the process of his discovering by-products in the reaction, and after careful research on the formation of the by-products, he discovered a new synthesis method. And then, Academician Tu Yongqiang gave a brief introduction to the mechanism of Pina rearrangement reaction, introduced some of his own research directions and results, explained the total synthesis methods of natural products such as morphine and galantamine derivatives to students in detail. Finally, Academician Tu Yongqiang expressed his gratitude for the education and cultivation he received at Lanzhou University.