Academic Frontier Lecture Series of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering ——Professor Fu Hongbing

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On the afternoon of November 12, 2020, we was fortunate to invite Professor Fu Hongbing from Capital Normal University to give a report on “Organic Micro/Nanocrystalline Laser Materials and New New Display Technologies” at Tianshan Hall B604. The lecture was hosted by Professor Hui Xinping, about 200 undergraduates majoring in chemistry, applied chemistry, and functional materials in the 2018 grade participated.


At the beginning of the report, Dean Hui Xinping and the students extended a warm welcome to Professor Fu Hongbing as a guest of "Frontier Chemistry Report". Professor Fu Hongbing is a serious and rigorous scholar. At the opening, he introduced his study and scientific research experience to everyone, expressed his heartfelt thanks and gratitude for studying at Lanzhou University, and then he encouraged students to study hard and build a solid foundation. He said that only when you "look up to the stars" and "down to earth" can you live up to your youth. Professor Fu Hongbing is a professional scholar in the field of laser display, his detailed report allowed the students to fully understand the current status and application fields of laser research, and to know the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. His vivid explanation quickly attracted the attention of the students. In the next report, Mr. Fu introduced the technologies of magnification and organic lasers through radiation-variable laser emission, and introduced the principles and application prospects of each technology in detail. After the explanation, Professor Fu Hongbing had a cordial and friendly interaction with the students, and patiently answered the academic doubts and learning problems raised by the students. The atmosphere was harmonious and active, and the students benefited a lot.


Professor Fu Hongbing’s report gave the students a general understanding of the professional direction of "organic micro-nanocrystalline laser materials and new new display technology", enriched their knowledge, and also provided new ideas and perspectives for the future of the students, which is of great help to the students' future study and life.