The college launches New Year care activities

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The Spring Festival is approaching, the weather is cold, but people care about each other deeply.In order to send the warmth of the school and the college to the retired teachers, the labor union and office of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering jointly launched a New Year visit and care activity from January 18 to 22. A working group was formed by the leaders of the college and the National Center for Heavy Industry, teacher representatives, labor unions and office staff, who represented the college to send New Year greetings and best wishes to retired faculty and staff.

During the visit, the working group talked to the retired teachersenthusiastically and asked them about their health and living conditions, reminding them to take care of their bodies, and wishing them a happy Chinese New Year in advance.



People are deeply moved by the greetings and blessings convey the true feelings.The retired faculty members expressed their gratitude to the college for its holiday blessings and cordial care and expressed that they would spare no effort to give play to the remaining heat and continue to pay attention and support the development of the college.

Respect for the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.Over the years, the college has been adhering to the tradition ofrespecting and caring for the elderly, attaches great importance to retired work matters, and insists on visiting old teachers before the Spring Festival every year.By visiting retired faculty and staff, not only a strong festive atmosphere is created, but also the care from the school and the college are truly felt by the retirees, which further enhances their sense of gain, happiness and security.