Lanzhou University’s students once again achieved good results in the 12th National Invitational Competition on Chemistry Experiments of College Students

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From July 8th to 11th, the Twelfth National Invitational Competition on Chemistry Experiments of College Students was held in Zhengzhou University.Our school’s representative team made another great achievement, winning two first prizes and one third prize.A total of 129 contestants from 43 universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University and Nanjing University participated in this invitational competition.After two days of fierce competition, a total of 21 first prizes, 30 second prizes, and 45 third prizes were selected.XueLianji and Hu Yichan, students admitted in 2018of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering won the first prize, and Fang Yu won the third prize.



According to the regulations of the invitational competition, each participating university provides a list of 30% of the total number of third-year chemistry students and no less than 30 students,three contestants were randomly selected through the network remotely two weeks before the game.The fairness of the competition is ensured through the two steps of "drawing contestants at the team leader meeting—experimental subjects drawn before the experiment operation competition".The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has always paid attention to the quality of undergraduate teaching. The students trained with solid theoretical basic knowledge and strong experimental skills are well received by employers.This invitational competition is also a test of our college's undergraduate experimental teaching level.

During the invitational competition, the "3rd National University’s Technical Exchange Conferenceon Chemistry Experiment " was held at the same time. A total of more than 200 teachers from universities across the country conducted exchanges and discussions on experimental teaching research and reform, students' practical ability and innovation awareness training, experimental teacher team building, and laboratory management.