With relentless pursuit, we will usher in a bright future——College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering held the welcome ceremony for Grade 2022 undergraduates

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On the evening of September 22nd, the welcome ceremony for Grade 2022 undergraduates of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was held in C302, Tianshan Hall, Yuzhong Campus. Zhang Haibo, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Liang Yongmin, Dean, Wang Wei, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Functional Organic Molecular Chemistry, Hui Xinping, Vice President of the college, Xi Pinxian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice President Nie Jianyi, heads of various research institutes, teachers Representatives, head teachers and deputy head teachers of 2022 undergraduates, college teaching secretaries, staff and all 2022 undergraduates participated. The ceremony was presided over by Jia Jing, deputy secretary of the party committee of the college.





Liang Yongmin delivered a speech. He extended warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to the new students on behalf of the college and the National Key Laboratory. He encouraged the students to strive to be forge ahead with ideals and beliefs, strengthen theoretical study continuously, strengthen ideals and beliefs, and endow life with hope and high-spirited strength; to strive to be pioneers with knowledge and ability, arm themselves with knowledge, serve the society, and change their destiny; to strive to be responsible devotees, pour positive energy into their youthful dreams, and shoulder the mission and responsibility of LZU Chemical youth. He wished all the new students to grow and make continuous progress in the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and to achieve the best results of contemporary youth on the track of their peers!

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Nie Jianyi read out the "Notice of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering on the Appointment of Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers for Grade 2022 Undergraduates". The college has fully considered the age, major, and subject background of the head teacher team, combining "old, middle-aged and young" and "combined boxing" to provide more comprehensive and accurate guidance and help for new students in their studies and life. Zhang Haibo and Wang Wei issued the letters of appointment and the "Work Log of the Class Teacher of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering " to the head teachers, "Log" is the record carrier of the work of the class teacher of the College of Chemistry and an important carrier of education. It will become a commemoration of the students' youthful memories and an imprint of the Chemistry's moral education of LZU. Hui Xinping and Xi Pinxian issued letters of appointment to the deputy head teachers.






Teacher representative, head teacher representative, Song Nan, a young researcher of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, encouraged the students with her study experience. She encouraged the students to make up their minds and ambitions early, boldly pursue the truth, and bravely climb the peak of science and technology while they are young; to persevere, work hard, never give up, make complete preparations, accumulate enough ability to seize opportunities; to develop a good schedule, persist in physical exercise, and maintain a love for life. 

Gao Wu, a 2020 undergraduate student, spoke as a senior student representative. He encouraged new students to strengthen their beliefs, forge ahead, actively participate in various student work, achieve all-round development, and become a better self through his personal learning experience. 

Xu Jiakai, the freshman representative, reviewed what he had seen and thought since he entered school, and called on the students to hold high the fire of youth, cherish the university time, bravely undertake the historical mission, and write a brilliant chapter belonging to the LZU Chemicals in the new era. 


Before the ceremony, college leaders, teacher representatives, head teachers, deputy head teachers, etc. visited the dormitories of freshmen and delivered letters from parents to their children on the eve of the start of school one by one, conveying the deep affection and expectations of their parents. 


In the new semester and new journey, we hope that the new generation of LZU Chemicals will work hard, do not slacken their efforts, live up to their youth, live up to their youth, run hard on the new journey of life, and write the future answer sheet with practical actions!