The quality development camp for freshmen of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering opened

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In order to further enrich extracurricular life, enhance class cohesion, and enhance students' physical fitness, on the afternoon of October 30, the Quality Development Camp for Freshmen of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering opened at the track and field of Yuzhong West Campus.The 2022 undergraduate counselors, deputy head teachers and all freshmen participated together.


The quality development camp carried out class competitions with each class as a unit. There were seven events in total, namely nine-square three-piece chess, long-pole running, six-person seven-legged, tug-of-war, kangaroo jumping relay, rope skipping relay and paper airplane competition .

Autumn comes, the woods turn yellow, the wind blows the leaves and the ground turns golden.Bathed in the warm autumn sun, put aside the cumbersome study and work tasks for the time being, and be in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of activities. Every student's face is full of happiness.There was no need for a solemn opening ceremony or a rigorous judging system. The students who were eager to try were already gearing up. As soon as the staff were in place, the quality development camp began.


A project with both agility and on-the-spot adaptability—Jiugongge Sanziqi first aroused the enthusiasm of the students.It is full of freshness and is the favorite of the students.In order to arrange the three chess pieces in a line, the students "fighted with wits and courage", the sprinting contestants, the encouraging students, and the enthusiastic host undoubtedly showed the popularity of this event.


Focusing on the bustling football field, the venue for long pole running has been arranged.Four people competed with each other with two barriers and one stroke. Among the contestants, some were "stable as a mountain" and some were "fast as a gale". The atmosphere of the audience was enthusiastic.


The tug-of-war competition is the main battlefield for each class to wrestle. With the sound of the referee's whistle, the tug-of-war is staged one by one. The center mark moving left and right affects the heartbeat of every student.The sound of cheering and shouting came one after another, bringing a different experience to the whole game.A temporary team composed of counselors and deputy class teachers also participated in the event, and the atmosphere was enjoyable.



"As long as everyone is having fun, you decide the rules yourself."counselor Wang Pengju said this to the host Gao Wu.In the six-person seven-legged competition, everyone played new tricks, such as walking forward, walking backward, turning around obstacles, etc. Every cute figure walked up and down on the green field but never tired of it.In a blink of an eye, the nimble body turned into a cute and lively "wallaby" in the kangaroo jumping relay, and the quick substitution skills dazzled people.


Jumping makes us shine, and the scene of rope skipping solitaire is full of joy.The jumping ropes were dancing one after another at the competition site, and the figures were leaping and leaping, and the innocent smiling faces were shining with youthful light under the dancing of the ropes. Everyone seemed to be in their childhood, running and jumping freely.


At the end of this quality development camp, a unique closing ceremony was set up.The students made all kinds of paper airplanes on the spot, including a boomerang paper airplane that can come and go freely, a bionic bat-oropter that can swing its wings to fly with the wind, and a cool gliding paper airplane...…… Following the order of the host, countless paper airplanes flew in the direction of the national flag against the wind with their youthful dreams.

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This freshman quality development camp is one of the "Sunshine Sports Project" of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. It aims to mobilize the sports atmosphere of students, enhance class cohesion, improve students' physical fitness, and promote the all-round development of students' moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor.