Leveraging the advantages of educational traditions Deepen reforms in education and teaching——The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering holds an education and teaching work conference

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To promote the implementation of the spirit of the school's summer work conference, on the afternoon of September 14th, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering held a comprehensive education and teaching work conference in Room 1001 of the First Chemistry Building. The theme of the conference was "enhancing the ability of independent talent cultivation," aiming to further unify thinking, consolidate consensus, and clarify directions. All faculty and staff of the college attended the meeting, which was chaired by the Secretary of the Party Committee, Du Shengyi.


Dean Liang Yongmin conveyed President Yan Chunhua's keynote report and Secretary Ma Xiaojie's summary speech from the school's summer work conference. combining with other reports from university leaders on enrollment, employment, undergraduate teaching, and graduate education, and benchmarking the current development and overall work situation of the college, he comprehensively reviewed the achievements, "shortcomings," opportunities, and challenges of the college. Under the theme of "implementing effectively, achieving high standards," the dean arranged and deployed the key tasks for the next steps of the college. He emphasized that all faculty and staff should bear in mind the main responsibility of education, carry forward the excellent tradition of the college's emphasis on talent development, and promote education and teaching reforms.


Associate Dean Hui Xinping delivered a thematic report on "consolidating the foundation, adhering to the right path, and nurturing outstanding innovative talents." He comprehensively summarized the basic situation of undergraduate teaching in the college, identified problems in education and teaching, clarified the next steps and outlined the direction of reforms. He also provided detailed arrangements for the teaching work in the second half of the year. Associate Dean Tang Yu summarized the key work and deficiencies in the graduate education of the college. He made specific arrangements for optimizing the graduate education model, enhancing internationalization, and deepening cross-disciplinary integration in the later stage.


Party Committee Secretary Du Shengyi emphasized during the meeting summary that the discipline of chemistry in the college has distinct characteristics and a profound foundation. The "Three Comprehensives Education" has taken root and become a trend, and the college should focus on curriculum and teaching team reforms. It should comprehensively implement the spirit of the school's summer work conference, further enhance the quality of independent talent cultivation. He stressed the importance of respecting the laws of running a school and talent cultivation, setting high standards, striving for excellence, optimizing systems, improving quality, and ensuring that the school's education and teaching reform measures take root and achieve results in our college.


The meeting also conducted a special education session on teacher ethics and professional conduct. Dean Liang Yongmin read out the "Twelfth Batch of 7 Typical Cases of Violations of the Ten Professional Conduct Guidelines for Teachers" publicly exposed by the Ministry of Education. By using these cases as examples, he aimed to draw lessons and clarify discipline, reminding all faculty and staff in the college to set red lines in their thinking and define boundaries in their behavior. The goal is to strive to become "Four-Have" good teachers who satisfy the party and the people.