Light Up Scientific Dreams, Support Rural RevitalizationFaculty and Students from the College of Chemistry Conduct Chemistry Around Us Science Popularization Activities in Xiamen Township, Pingliang

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To thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the important discussions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on science popularization and rural revitalization, the Party Committee of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the National Demonstration Center for Experimental Teaching of Chemical Innovation at Lanzhou University, and the National Key Laboratory of Functional Organic Molecules organized over 40 faculty and students to conduct chemistry popularization activities for primary and secondary school students in Xiamen Township, Pingliang.


On the morning of May 10th, a series of exciting and fun science experiments kicked off at Xiamen Middle School. The experiment table was crowded with enthusiastic students who drew unique 'rainbows' in milk, generated electricity using fruits and beverages, explored the secrets of anthocyanins in purple cabbage, became 'magicians' turning 'tea' into 'ink,' and marveled at the magical charm of 'elephant toothpaste'... Whether hands-on or through observation and thinking, each experiment immersed the students in the world of science, making them reluctant to leave. They discovered and understood the chemical phenomena in daily life from a new perspective, learned scientific principles through practice and exploration, and experienced the wonders of the chemical world up close.


During the science popularization lecture session, Engineer Zhang Yida presented a "cute" science lecture themed "Cat Chemistry," explaining the chemical principles of cat allergies and the mysteries of catnip. Associate Professor Yuan Chengshan discussed "Organic Chemistry in Daily Life," using vivid examples to illustrate the close relationship between organic chemistry and people's everyday lives. Associate Professor Dong Lijun introduced the principles and processes of flame color reactions with a lecture titled "The Splendid FireworksFlame Color Reactions," allowing students to appreciate the magic and beauty of chemical reactions.


Through experiencing the charming science classes, the students gained a broader scientific perspective and an unusual scientific experience. The "Small Achievement Element Postcards" in their hands, filled with stamps, are both the "starting tickets" for exploring science and the "learning cards" for advocating science. The "golden seeds" of learning, using, and loving science have quietly sprouted in their hearts. 

With the strong support of the Rural Revitalization Assistance Office of Lanzhou University and the Xiament School District, teachers and students meticulously prepared and went all out, with more than 400 primary and secondary school students participating. This science popularization activity is not only a powerful inspiration for the scientific dreams of rural primary and secondary school students but also a valuable opportunity for college students to practice labor. Moreover, it is a vivid practice of college teachers fulfilling their social responsibilities as scientific workers. This multi-directional "synthesis reaction" will undoubtedly catalyze more beautiful results in the revitalization of rural education.