Jinshan Guo

associate professor


Jinshan Guo , associate professor, master tutor. Bachelor degree in polymer science, department of chemistry, Lanzhou University, 1984. 1984-2000 engaged in plastic processing application work at Gansu leather plastics research institute. Since 2001, he has worked in College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou University. He has undertaken teaching courses on topics such as “polymer base”, “paint technology”, “polymer processing and molding”, “polymer materials and technology”. He is engaged in the application researches of polymer materials, which involves coatings, adhesives, electronic polymer materials, polymer material modification, ultra-fine powder processing, surface modification and applications in polymers and has extensive experience in factory practice. In recent years, he has undertaken a sub-project of a key project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, several corporate research projects, and published 17 SCI papers.

Representative Publications

[1] Wu, P. P.; Liu, J. C.; Xie, Z.; Guo, J. S.; Wang, J. X., Fluorescence Retention of Organosilane-polymerized Carbon Dots Inverse Opals in CuCl Suspension. Chinese J Polym Sci 2018, 36 (5), 555-562.

[2] Ma, Z. F.; Niu, X. L.; Xu, Z. H.; Guo, J. S., Synthesis of Novel Macrophotoinitiator for the Photopolymerization of Acrylate. J Appl Polym Sci 2014, 131 (11).

[3] Niu, X. L.; Huo, L. X.; Cai, C. T.; Guo, J. S.; Zhou, H., Rod-Like Attapulgite Modified by Bifunctional Acrylic Resin As Reinforcement for Epoxy Composites. Ind Eng Chem Res 2014, 53 (42), 16359-16365.

[4] Cai, C. T.; Xu, Z. H.; Niu, X. L.; Guo, J. S.; Zhang, Z. D.; Kang, L. G., Preparation of Water-Tolerant UV-Curable SixOy(OH)(z)/PA Aqueous Dispersion Films. Ind Eng Chem Res 2013, 52 (43), 15124-15130.