Rong Li

Ph.D., Professor


Rong Li received a B.S. degree from the department of chemistry lanzhou University majoring in physical chemistry in 1986 and worked in the analysis and testing center of GanSu provincein. She obtained her Ph.D. degree for investigating Synthesis of organic acid supported sulfonate resin catalysts and application of catalytic esterification reaction under the supervision of Prof. Zhixing Su in 2001. In the same year, she moved to Lanzhou University and worked as an assistant professor of chemistry. She was promoted to an associate professor in 2007 and to a full professor in 2011. Her research focused on synthesis, characterization and application of catalysts.

Representative Publications

1. Xiang Wang, Feng Li, Wenzhu Li, Wenbing Gao, Yu Tang and Rong Li, Hollow bimetallic cobalt-based selenide polyhedrons derived from metal–organic framework: an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting. Journal of Materials Chemistry A  2017, 5,17982

2. Yuanyuan Yang, Feng Li, Wenzhu Li, Wenbing Gao, He Wen, Jing Li, Yiping Hu, Yutong Luo, Rong Li, Porous CoS2 nanostructures based on ZIF-9 supported on reduced graphene oxide: Favourable electrocatalysis for hydrogen evolution reaction  International Journal of Hydrogen Energy  2017,42, 6665-6673

3. Yuanyuan Yang, Xiongyi Liang,Feng Li, Shuwen Li, Xinzhe Li, Siu-Pang Ng, Chi-Man Lawrence Wu and Rong Li, Encapsulating Co2P@C Core-Shell Nanoparticles in Porous Carbon Sandwich: a Nitrogen and Phosphorus Dual-Doped PH-Universal Electrocatalysts for High-efficient Hydrogen Evolution, ChemSusChem 2018, 11,376-388

4. Pengbo Jiang, Xinlin Li, Wenbin Gao, Xiang Wang, Yu Tang, Kai Lan, Bin Wang, Rong Li, Highly selective hydrogenation of α, β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds over supported Co nanoparticles, Catalysis Communications 2018,111 , 6–9   

5. Wenbin Gao, Feng Li, Hongfei Huo, Yuanyuan Yang, Xiang Wang, Yu Tang, Pengbo Jiang, Shuwen Li, Rong Li, Investigation of hollow bimetal oxide nanomaterial and their catalytic activity for selective oxidation of alcohol, Molecular Catalysis 2018,448, 63–70

6. Kai Lan, Xiang Wang, Haidong Yang, Kanwal Iqbal, Yan Zhu, Pengbo Jiang, Yu Tang, Yuanyuan Yang, Wenbin Gao, and Rong Li, Ultrafine MoP Nanoparticles Well Embedded in Carbon Nanosheets as Electrocatalyst with High Active Site Density for Hydrogen Evolution, ChemElectroChem  2018, 5, 1–8



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19821986Lanzhou UniversityB.S.

19982001 Lanzhou UniversityPh.D.