The“Future of Enterprise·Chemistry”Lanzhou University Chemistry Alumni Forum

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The“Future of Enterprise·Chemistry”Lanzhou University Chemistry Alumni Forum 2019


From September 4 to 7, the Future of Enterprise·Chemistry”Lanzhou University Chemistry Alumni Forum 2019, sponsored by Lanzhou University, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Medical Industry Integrated Innovation Park Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.and Gansu Haotian Pharma Tech Co., Ltd, co-sponsored by the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the State Key Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry, Lanzhou University Baiyin Industry Institute of Technology, Medical Industry Integrated Innovation Park Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. and Lanzhou University Pharmaceutical Chemistry  Industry Alumni Association, was held in Lanzhou University. At the forum, under the theme of “Innovative mode of university-enterprise cooperation, entrepreneurship and management, talent training and student career planning”, more than 200 well-known scientists, entrepreneurs and schoolfellows joined the teachers and students of the College to discuss university-enterprise cooperative mode, seek innovation and entrepreneurship channels and explore the career planning and management of students.

On September 5, the opening ceremony of the forum, presided over by Zhang Haibo, party secretary of the College, was held in Guochang Conference Hall of School of Biological Sciences, with the attendance of Fan Baojun, vice president of Lanzhou University, Xu Pengfei, assistant to the president and director of Office of Scientific Research and Development, Tian Xulong, director of Alumni Association Office( Office of Education Development Foundation), representatives of alumni at home and abroad, entrepreneurs, government leaders of Yuechi County of Sichuan Province and all the leading group of the College.

First, at the opening ceremony, Miao Guobin, on behalf of the overseas alumni, Peng Lizeng, on behalf of the alumni at home, Feng Zhiku, on behalf of the entrepreneurs, and Liang Yongmin, on behalf of the College, delivered their speeches respectively. Then, Fan Baojun gave a speech, in which he extended LZU’s warm welcome to all the guests and alumni, introduced the history and general development situations of the College and LZU and wished all alumni and entrepreneurs would continue to pay attention to and support the development of LZU and the College. At the end, the donation ceremony of Hongyi Scholarship, Postgraduates of Class 1986 Scholarship, Medical Industry Integrated Innovation Park Scholarship and “Orchid”Scholarship and Grants was held. After the donation ceremony, all the participants took a group photo, and the overseas alumni Fang Qun, Xia Bing, Xie Yongping, Miao Guobin, Qu Ying, Han Zhengxu, Mao Jianmin, Li Huijuan and Liu Jifeng gave their academic reports, concerning their own research fields and the integration of industry-university-research in bio-pharmaceutical industry, respectively.



From September 6 to 7, the  Industry-University-Research Docking Symposium of the“Future of Enterprise·Chemistry”Lanzhou University Chemistry Alumni Forum 2019 was held at the Banquet Hall, Legend Hotel. At the Docking Symposium, we held the appointment ceremony for innovation and entrepreneurship advisor of the College, presentation of the achievements and research field of chemistry and the docking ceremony of basic research achievements with enterprises. After the Docking Symposium, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and alumni visited the College and the College History Museum.





The forum was one of the events held by the College to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the establishment of LZU. It displayed the latest progresses in the chemistry discipline of LZU, bridged the cooperation among the university, enterprises and alumni, promoted the implementation of basic research achievements and expanded the space for students’ employment and self-employment. By taking the opportunity of the forum, the College would earnestly listen to the enterprises’ needs for talents, jointly explore university-enterprise cooperation mode, constantly improve the quality of talent training and proactively contribute to the development of regional economy and society and the national strategy.