The college of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering held the annual democratic life meeting for Party members and leading cadres in 2022

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On February 15th, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering held the 2022 Democratic Life Meeting for Party members and leading cadres. Wang Wei, the director of the National Key Laboratory of Organic Chemistry and Function, attended the meeting as a guest, and Wang Qiang, a member of the 10th Supervision Group of the university and the Deputy Director of the Research and Development Department, also attended to provide guidance. The meeting was chaired by Du Shengyi, the secretary of the College's Party Committee.

The College attached great importance to the preparation and organization of this Democratic Life Meeting. Before the meeting,, the members of the College's Party Committee conducted in-depth study and discussion, widely solicited opinions and suggestions, conducted in-depth conversations with teachers and students, conducted a thorough self-examination of problems, and wrote materials for comparison and inspection. They made sufficient preparations for the meeting.

During the meeting, Du Shengyi conducted a comparison and inspection on behalf of the College's leadership team, comparing and examining the six aspects of "taking the lead." They conducted a deep analysis of the gap and shortcomings in their thinking and work, identified the root causes of the problems, and clarified their efforts and measures for improvement. Subsequently, Du Shengyi led the way by conducting a personal comparison and inspection, and each member of the leadership team conducted a personal comparison and inspection and carried out mutual criticism. Everyone carried forward the spirit of self-revolution, and their self-criticism was profound and honest, without any concealment. Their mutual criticism was frank and objective, and they were not afraid to reveal shortcomings, which achieved the goal of promoting unity and common improvement. Director Wang also talked about his learning experiences and feelings, and exchanged ideas about the construction of the State Key Laboratory, proposing directions for future efforts.

After carefully listening to everyone's speeches, Wang Qiang pointed out that the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering's Party Committee made sufficient preparations before the Democratic Life Meeting, and the leadership team and its members were able to conduct a thorough self-examination, identify problems, face problems, analyze their root causes, and clarify their next steps for improvement. The meeting achieved good results. He hopes that they can continue to focus on the rectification work and implement the follow-up work of the Democratic Life Meeting.

When speaking on behalf of the leadership team, Du Shengyi stated that the leadership team will unify their thinking, firmly maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, follow the specific deployment of the university's Party Committee, take this Democratic Life Meeting as a new opportunity and a new starting point, adhere to immediate action and real improvement, and comprehensively rectify problems. They will conduct forward-looking thinking and overall planning, lead teachers and students in the College to unite and strive for progress, and promote the high-quality development of the College.