Lanzhou University’s students achieved excellent results in the sixth National College Student Chemical Engineering Experiment Competition in the Northwest region

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From July 14th to 17th, the 2023 'Eastern Simulation·EUPOC Cup' 6th National College Student Chemical Engineering Experiment Competition for the Northwest Region was held at Taiyuan University of Technology. Two representative teams from our university achieved excellent results, with one team winning the Outstanding Award and the other team receiving the First Prize. This marks the sixth time that our university has received these awards in this competition. The two teams participating in the competition were selected from the 2020-level Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering majors of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. After three months of careful preparation, the team 'Qi Cai Ying Hua' (Guidance Teachers: Feng Qinghua, Zhang Huanhuan, Xu Xiangyang) composed of students Lei Yuan, Yang Ruilin, and Li Tianzhen won the Outstanding Award and secured a spot in the national competition. Additionally, the team 'Yi Qi Cheng Feng' (Guidance Teachers: Feng Qinghua, Dong Chunxu, Guo Yueping) composed of students Liu Qi, Liang Yifan, and Yan Ruichen received the First Prize.


In this competition, a new simulation content on Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) analysis for chemical processes was added. HAZOP analysis is a systematic safety analysis method that is widely used in large chemical enterprises both domestically and internationally. It plays a crucial role in the safety management of chemical processes within enterprises. Professionals with expertise in HAZOP analysis are in high demand in the chemical industry. According to reports, for the competition module 'Process Safety (HAZOP) Analysis' in the regional competition, participants who scored a total score ≥60% of the total score of this module and ranked ≥20% in total score would be eligible to receive the 'Chemical Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Analysis Certificate (Advanced)' issued by the China Chemical Education Association after approval by the organizing committee's office. This innovative approach combines professional competition results with the issuance of professional certificates.