"Teachers and Students Advancing Together, Daring to Explore and Strive" The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Achieves Good Results in the 10th Graduate Students Sports Meeting and the 17th Staffs Sports Meeting of Lanzhou University

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On September 22-23, 2023, the 10th Graduate Students Sports Meeting and the 17th Staffs Sports Meeting of Lanzhou University were grandly held at the track and field stadium in the West Zone of the Chengguan Campus. After two days of intense competition, the faculty and students from our college achieved good results in various team and individual events. In the end, we were honored with the fourth place in the overall score for graduate student teams, the fourth place in the overall score for staff teams, the Graduate Student Sports Ethics Award, and the "Best Style" Mentor Team Award.


At the opening ceremony, the college mascot characters, Kaimi and Nick, made a cute appearance. A contingent composed of nearly 200 faculty and students from our college, with the theme "Continuing Brilliance in Research, Nurturing the Original Aspiration in Chemistry," marched onto the track and field in a spirited manner. As the contingent passed the rostrum, accompanied by the resounding slogan "Forge ahead in unity, uphold the original aspiration! Pursue truth and innovation, faculty and students advance together!" the "Houlang Contingent" used 35 color boards to collectively create a pattern symbolizing colorful sports and the unity of chemistry. This showcased the spirit of unity, friendship, and striving for excellence among the chemistry community, highlighting the sentiment that "Chemistry individuals sprinkle sweat on the sports field and write their theses on the land of the motherland."


In the green arena of competition, the spirit of striving has no limits. During the competition, our college's athletes displayed outstanding performances, showcasing speed and perseverance on the track, agile leaps before the pole vault, powerful sprints into the sandpit, and seamless coordination in team events. This fully demonstrated the style and prowess of the faculty and students from the College of Chemistry.



The spectator stands were also filled with tremendous enthusiasm. Whenever athletes from our college took to the track, the cheers and applause from the audience were continuous and deafening. It was as if this sound was an invisible force, propelling the athletes forward with courage and vitality. Accompanied by the resounding cheers, they exhibited a spirit of high energy and determination, securing one medal after another.


After the men's relay race, one of the students expressed his feelings, saying, "Feeling the special excitement when hearing classmates cheering for us, enduring a bit of hardship is nothing. Fortunately, we performed well during the competition and achieved a good result, securing the second position. Our efforts didn't go in vain."

Outside the competition venue, the logistical support team, organized by the college's labor union and graduate student union, worked extensively to ensure the smooth progress of the event. From pre-registration, team member selection, centralized training, to competition check-ins, item storage, result recording, and publicity, all the tasks were carried out in an organized and orderly manner.


Even though everyone typically spends long hours in the laboratory, with early mornings and late nights due to academic and research commitments, they still set aside time for training in pursuit of collective honor. The contingent members gathered on the playground as early as 7 a.m., using breaks and meal times for rehearsals, practicing three times a day. Under the guidance of Mr. Ding from the Physical Education and Research Department, the athletes actively engaged in pre-competition training, warming up scientifically to meet the competition with full vigor.


This sports meeting provided a vast stage for all faculty and students to showcase their sports skills, challenge their personal limits, and cultivate team spirit. The faculty and students of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering will continue to demonstrate a running attitude and an upward spirit, bravely competing in the arena of scientific research, and shining brightly in their future lives.