"Love the Party, Love the Country, Retain the Original Aspiration; Remember the School's Glory, Discuss major development issues" — The joint Party branch of young and senior members from the College of Chemistry visited the Yuzhong Campus for an exchange

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In order to thoroughly carry out the theme education on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on "building a first-class university in the Northwest" for Lanzhou University, the College of Chemistry and the 19th and 20th Party branches for retirees, along with the first Party branch of the Inorganic Institute for graduate students, and members of the "Songlan" volunteer service team, innovatively organized a visit and exchange activity under the theme "Retaining the Original Aspiration and Discussing Development" on October 16th at the Yuzhong Campus. This activity is part of Lanzhou University's 2023 theme education project "Love the Party, Love the Country, Understand the School's Glory, Discuss Development," with a focus on the activities "Remembering the Source While Drinking Water" and "Respecting the Elderly and Honoring the Wise."


The first stop for the faculty and students was a visit to the Lanzhou Universitys Museum. In the historical relics exhibition hall and the paleontological fossil exhibition hall, the diverse exhibits made everyone feel as if they had traveled through millennia of civilization. Learning that many exhibits were donated by alumni, the faculty and students were deeply moved by the heartfelt gratitude of our university's students giving back to their alma mater. The Biology and Environment exhibition hall vividly showcased the rich and colorful terrain, topography, and biological resources of the Northwest in a scene-based display. The lifelike animal specimens left everyone in awe. In the university's history exhibition hall, veteran teachers revisited the arduous development history of Lanzhou University, recalling the struggles of the older generation of Lanzhou University and chemistry community members. The younger students were deeply touched by the collective efforts of Lanzhou University individuals, forging ahead in unity, breathing the same air, and sharing the destiny of the motherland on the vast land of the Northwest.


Following that, the faculty and students together watched a sand table demonstration of the Yuzhong Eco-Innovation City and went on-site to visit the construction projects in the Yuzhong Eco-Innovation City, including the "LanDa. Zhigong Yuan" (Lanzhou University Zhigong Garden), the Lanzhou University Affiliated Primary School, and the Lanzhou University Affiliated Middle School. The staff provided detailed introductions to the construction concepts, development plans, and related industry planning in the Yuzhong Eco-Innovation City, covering areas such as air transportation, health and wellness, modern seed industry, and the dual-carbon economy. The faculty and students gained a deeper understanding of the significant role of the Yuzhong Eco-Innovation City in advancing Lanzhou University's "Double First-Class" construction, establishing Lanzhou as the deputy administrative center, and fostering new growth poles in the province.


Accompanied by the "Songlan" volunteers, the veteran teachers toured the campus in the bright autumn sunshine, experiencing the vibrant changes at the Yuzhong Campus. From Qinling Hall, Longshan Hall, Hongyuan Building, Zhiyuan Building, Jiahe Garden, to Zizhi Yuan, the colorful autumn scenery of the campus blended harmoniously with the newly constructed distinctive buildings. The faculty and students alike praised the continuously improving hardware facilities and the overall campus appearance of the Yuzhong Campus.