Our graduate student team achieved excellent results in the second China Graduate "Dual Carbon" Innovation and Creativity Competition

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On October 28-29, the second China Graduate "Dual Carbon" Innovation and Creativity Competition National Finals, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education's Degree Management and Graduate Education Department, and organized by the China Association of Degree and Graduate Education and the China Association for Science and Technology Youth Science and Technology Center, took place in Harbin, hosted by Northeast Forestry University. Our university's graduate student team received outstanding recognition, securing 1 first prize, 3 second prizes, and 5 third prizes. Notably, among these awards, 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, and 3 third prizes were all earned by the graduate student team from the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. In addition, our university, as the lead organizing unit within the institution, was honored with the Outstanding Organization Award, and Professor Cao Jing from the College received the Excellent Mentor Award.


As one of the series of China's graduate student innovation and practice events, this competition attracted 2,082 graduate student teams from 154 graduate education institutions. After the online preliminary rounds, 578 teams advanced to the finals. Our university, with the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering taking the lead in organizing, meticulously prepared and ensured the smooth execution of the competition. Nine teams successfully advanced to the semi-finals, ranking thirteenth in the number of teams advancing nationwide. Simultaneously, the award achievements marked the best performance among our university's participation in the individual events of the China Graduate Student Innovation and Practice Series.

The competition, guided by the philosophy of "inspiring wisdom through creativity, driving development through innovation," featured seven tracks centered around the theme "Smart Dual Carbon, Creating the Future." Participants not only demonstrated a profound understanding of the "Dual Carbon" strategy but also showcased their conscientious and proactive service to national strategies. They embodied the contemporary graduate student's commitment to "serving the country through science and technology" during the competition. The participating teams expressed their commitment to continuously refine their projects based on feedback from judges and peers, aiming to turn their ideas into reality and contribute innovative technologies to the realization of dual carbon goals.